Technical translation

Technical translation

Avanta Translating has provided technical translations into various languages for more than thirty years. Our Project Management team ensures that all translations are delivered on-time and in accordance with high quality standards.

We have extensive experience in translating technical texts, scientific and technical literature and documents of all types, including but not limited to:

Technical translations

Our team of professional translators are experts in a variety of fields, including:

Translations for the energy industry

The challenges faced by translators in this sector include the abundance of technical parameters and terminology. There is no room for errors and only experienced linguists with an engineering background can face these translation challenges. Accurate, authentic translation in the power industry requires an excellent knowledge of the vocabulary in both the source and target languages along with the ability to consult dictionaries and glossaries to find the appropriate terms.

Translations for the energy industry

Legal translations

Avanta Translating provides legal translations into and from Russian, English, Spanish, German and other languages. Customer loyalty is vital for our business, thus we are committed to maintaining and even enhancing the quality of our legal translation services.

We translate all types of legal documents, including notarised translation of:

Translations for the energy industry

Marketing translations

Marketing translation is all about creativity. Unlike technical and legal texts, marketing targets the subconscious mind and emotions. Such texts must showcase the advantages and benefits of the product or service, turning a random reader into a client.

Generally, traders and manufacturers requre:

Our company employs marketing translation specialists as professional providers of:

Translations for the energy industry

Medical translations

The demand for professional medical interpreting services is greater than ever. The healthcare industry is among the key areas of international cooperation, with physicians and healthcare officials being interested in:

The opportunity to receive medical treatment abroad drives up the demand for medical translation of various documents, including:

Translations for the energy industry

Literary translations

Literary translation involves a creative process of transforming a literary work that becomes an integral part of a new linguistic environment. In accordance with the genre and style of a literary work, fiction translators inject their own creativity and cultural knowledge to create content that resonates with a new audience. Indeed, the success of translated books, poems and songs depends greately on the mastery of a translation.

Literary translations with Avanta Translating

We offer our literary translation services for publishers seeking translations of poetry and prose, audio and video products, and even computer games.

Translations for the energy industry

Localisation services

Translation of websites into any foreign language

Translation and localisation of computer games

Software translation and localisation

Translation and interpretation services go hand-in-hand with business globalisation. The same applies to localisation where translated website or software converts millions of code lines into millions of users worldwide for the services offered through your website or software applications.

We ensure close coordination between developers and translators working with the localisation project files, agreeing on the language supported and the terminology used, resolving any technical issues (such as when certain UI elements are not extracted into resources and therefore are not available for localisation).

What we do:

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