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I'm satisfied with your performance. Your PMs are responsible and careful to check issues and raise questions, which is very much welcomed.
Simon Li, EC Innovations
Lufthansa Consulting GmbH is an independent subsidiary of the German Lufthansa Airlines, which has been providing international consulting services for airlines, airports and related industries since1988. Thematically, our orders cover both commercial and technical aspects of airline companies and airports, and Avanta Translating Ltd. has invariably well achieved the set goals being utterly in compliance with the standards of Lufthansa Consulting GmbH.
Lufthansa Consulting GmbH (Moscow)
Quality Translation International, Inc. (QTI) has been working with Avanta Translating since November 2008. As a premier provider of Russian/English translation services around the world, we approached Avanta when we had a four-month project of 450 000 words to be translated and 375 hours of desktop publishing to be done. Avanta superbly coped with our urgent requests, demonstrating professional management, strict compliance with requirements, and superior quality control measures.
Quality Translation International, Inc. (Washington)