Avanta Translating specialises in translation services of any complexity and scope. Many of our clients are large-scale companies, industrial enterprises, banks, research institutes, courts and individuals. We operate with a large pool of translators and experts with different areas of expertise. All our translators and proofreaders are native speakers of their target language and thanks to this approach we translate texts of virtually any level of complexity in every subject.

At our translation agency we translate technical, economic, medical and legal texts from all European languages into Russian. We entrust your texts only to translators competent in their particular sphere. Medical and legal translations are very specific types of translations that allow no mistakes and must be done only by qualified specialists. When you entrust your medical, economic and legal texts to Avanta Translating you give them to professional native speaking translators who hold higher degrees in medicine, economics and law.

To ensure the consistency of style, terminology and layout of the source text for each project, we employ the same project team consisting of qualified translators and proofreaders who are experienced in the subject area of the project and skilled in its peculiar terminology. Moreover, we attach a single project manager to each particular project who coordinates the team work and reports daily/weekly on the progress.

Our translators are experienced users of glossaries and translation memory tools which helps us to provide consistency of style and terminology when handling large and long-term projects. When translating is completed the whole text is proofread by an independent proofreader and by the technical specialist, if necessary. Thanks to these principles we are able to handle extreme amounts of text for translation and strict deadlines. Click here to know more about our quality control procedure