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Drawings translation

Your engineers produce piles of drawings and process diagrams that must be promptly translated into English or Russian. In such situations you may face a range of challenges, such as how to translate these drawings while retaining source formatting and who will provide additional desktop publishing services once your original documents have been translated into the target language.

We offer a quick and proven solution – "seamless" and high-quality translation of drawings using the samecomputer-aided drafting (CAD) system, e.g. AutoCAD. To make sure that your drawings "read" well in the target language, our translators will produce it using the same software. In other words, all elements of the drawings, including inscriptions, lists of equipment and tools, comments and GOST-compliant stamps are translated without the need to create or modify the layout of the source document.

It's a convincing argument for selecting Avanta Translating agency if you need to have your drawings translated quickly and accurately. We guarantee the highest quality of translation and ensure that the initial layout of a document will be retained.

Please contact us if you are interested in other subject areas. Our managers will answer your questions.

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