Technical translation

Avanta Translating has been providing technical translation services for over 25 years. With effective management processes in place, we are able to meet the toughest deadlines while translating scientific and technical documentation.

We have extensive experience in translating technical documents of all types including, but not limited to,equipment specifications, operating manuals for various type of production equipment and machinery, patent documentation, material testing standards, material safety datasheets and other technical texts from English and other languages.

For technical translations, we engage only well-reputed translators who are experienced in the subject area of the project, and coordinate the teamwork of our professional translators and proofreaders. When handling large technical translation projects, we use our best efforts to ensure the consistency of style, terminology and layout for all documents to be translated.

We ensure that all translators involved in a particular project strictly follow the glossary (key terms and definitions) approved by the client.

Please contact us if you are interested in other subject areas. Our managers will answer your questions.