The 1st of September in Chelyabinsk Orphanage No. 5

For Avanta Translating it has become a good tradition to visit Chelyabinsk Orphanage No. 5 to congratulate the children on The Knowledge Day and to celebrate their first academic day together. That is why on the 1st of September, 2014 we were especially happy to greet the newly-minted first graders who would go to school for the first time in their life! The children and child carers have prepared an exciting celebration and showed their intelligence, skills and agility when playing various games, taking challenging quizzes and solving puzzles. We wish the young pupils to always stay well, to learn a lot of new and fascinating things and to have great academic results! While living our lives full of our personal concerns, we should never forget about those who need our support. Having such play-days with orphans, we can easily feel how much our care and involvement are appreciated!