On a beautiful sunny day, Avanta Translating is on its way to congratulate the kids from the Orphan Home № 5

Today they celebrate two occasions: graduation of the year 2012 and the beginning of the school session, which is the very first one for Polina and Tolik. This is a new period, full of important and great events! The children are about to step into adult life and we truly believe, that they will succeed. In order to help them walk this uneasy path, we are giving them the new pairs of school and sport shoes. Although a little bit anxious, the young students look splendid and cheerful. Good luck, first-graders!

The hall is full of guests. The light goes out and the show begins. A kaleidoscope of joyful summer photos is on the screen. The summer was flaming hot indeed. The children smile every now and then at the warm of the flashbacks. They feel sad as they bid good-bye to the summer time, but the school session is ahead! There are so many interesting things to know, so many holidays to celebrate this year!

The next part of the show is graduation. The mentors, teachers and guests – everybody’s’ hearts are stirring, the children feel excited: the words of gratitude, advices, the hymn of the Orphan Home, farewell dances are touching. How fast they have grown beneath our eyes - we have been taking active part in the life of the orphan house for five years already! And we wish them smooth road during their journey and enjoy success in everything they do. There will be obstacles, of course, but the time spent in big and friendly family of the Orphan Home №5, has taught them how to love, help each other and conted with difficulties!

And finally, the first-graders come on the stage and recite poems. It is very well done! The little fellows and the older ones offer their congratulations: there go poems and dances! The guests also take part in the ceremony. The representative from Sberbank brings their words of support, and our manager Lyudmila, touched by heartfelt atmosphere, delivers her moving speech – tears of joy are in her eyes as she remembered her own school years. We are certain that this isn’t our last meeting. Avanta Translating company is always near to give a hand. We wish the best of luck to the family of the Orphan Home number 5!