Avanta Translating team and Aflatoun the fireball

“The word ‘Aflatoun” is in fact of Arabic origin and is the name of Plato, the great Greek philosopher who taught ethics, citizenship, respect, conservation, friendship and love. Plato was also an early champion of social justice. Aflatoun is an imaginary fireball from outer space who comes to earth to befriend children and joins them on their journey as they learn about their rights, responsibilities and how to manage money.”

Aflatoun's motto is: “Separate fiction from fact. Explore, think, investigate and act.” His role adds up to teaching a child to rely on himself (herself), to be responsible, active citizen, to initiate changes in his/her own life and life of the whole society.

Several members of Avanta team were working on delivery of global sence by easy and comprehensive to children language. Aflatoun thanks them all: “It's truly inspiring to see how others end up helping our dream of empowering children,” says Alodia Catrina Y. Santos, Programme Manager of Aflatoun. Each of our colleagues was truly impressed by the experience.

Ksenia Lazarenko: “The most difficult to translate were puzzles and diagrams – we had to make our own in Russian. Interesting book. I wonder now, how Russian children will digest it.

Sergey Gorbunov: "It is an honor to be the part of this project. It makes our job something special."

Natalia Chikisheva: “It was very interesting experience. It is the first time in my life I have translated kid’s book. Thanks to Aflatoun for the given opportunity to contribute to children education and development.”

Natalia Mileshkina: “I feel extremely sad about the fact that some children have to grow up so soon…however, there is another side – Aflatoun inspires children and helps them to learn to be responsible for their own doings, think before they act, to be concerned and take care for others, and encourages them for proactive living – these are valuable characteristics that will undoubtedly help them to become successful and to feel involved.

It was quite specific experience – translation of games, comic strips, songs…But the translation process was quite smooth. The reason is probably our “deep knowledge of the subject”, we are highly concerned and empathic towards deprived children and social welfare as a whole. I think, Avanta’s employees have further demonstrated such concern by taking and accomplishing this volunteer mission!”

To sum up – in case you got interested in Aflatoun operation, or you would like to offer Aflatoun your helping translator’s hand, please, visit the website http://www.aflatoun.org, or contact us!